This is where you'll learn Emergency
Life-saving skills for your own family

Learn emergency First Aid for your little one's at your own pace

Learn about:
  • Choking
  • CPR - when someone is not breathing
  • Recovery Position - When someone is breathing
  • Plus so much more that may save a life
  • Modern techniques, like how two fingers may save a life
  • Minor Injuries
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In the Vital Minutes whilst waiting for an ambulance to arrive you can make the biggest difference

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Only one in 20 people would know
what to do in a first aid emergency.
Are you the one of 20?

If an emergency was to happen to one of your family, would you know what to do?

Bumps & Bashes first aid training course

You can start your Bumps and Bashes Children & Baby first aid training course today.
Learn easy, simple and modern first aid for your own family.  Those vital minutes whilst waiting for the emergency services are so important to know for your family. 
ABOUT Bumps & Bashes

Meet Kate

I don't train you to pass a qualification, I train you to save a life! I am a Fully Qualified First Aid Instructor & Assessor and have been teaching practical courses since 2009. I couldn't find a course specifically for parents, so I designed this one.  This is my first online course and I hope you enjoy & learn from it, but never need to use it.
All the best Kate X

Kate Naylor

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